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About me: Everything you could possibly want to know about me is right here...all you have to do is open your eyes and let the thoughts pour in.
From: United States
SLR, Point-N-shoot, digital, even disposable - I'm not picky.
Other: The important thing is what you capture.
Ronald De Buck
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Dragan Popovic
Latest entry:Welcome!
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Luiz Otavio
Latest entry:Dezembro de 2011
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kris inizu
Latest entry:Heifafest 2011
t-shirts diplayed! View this Fotopage entry
M Jeffri Razali
Ni satu lagi entry yang lama terbengkalai. Since tengah ada sedikit masa nak spare ni, uploadkan jugalah sebelum basi gambar ni. Rasanya tak payahlah nak cakap kat mana ni sebab mesti ramai yang tahu...:-d Hari ni tak de idea nak tulis apa lak. Minda tengah beku pulak. So just enjoy je lah pix ni. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1135622623() http://s06.flagcounter.com/more/GdN() View this Fotopage entry
Christa Amsterdam
Latest entry:Sjakie
This is my best friend in life...... Sjakie the ginger cat! :horay: View this Fotopage entry
Steve Renko
Latest entry:"Sudden Drop Off."
So what was in the air cells today? Today the aircells didn't wait for a public bus to pick them up. Actually, they walked with the briefcase. It was a Thursday, afterall. Retirement is in on the scene. The vehicles moved automatically east and west on the extinct Indian trail. The authorities have named it, officially, state highway 283. State highway 283?! The extinct Indian trail has some ring to it. This trail is conveniently located on the southern shores of Lake Erie. Lake Erie is a shallo... View this Fotopage entry
"Niagara Falls."
Anakin the JEDI
Latest entry:My Son
8 years ago was my last post here... I think I need to post something again... ;-) I am now married and had a son. Time flies so fast indeed. View this Fotopage entry
Journey To Be
Rafi The Malaysia Wedding Photojournalist Gambar Kahwin
Latest entry:Majlis Pernikahan & Persandingan Nazlin & Hazrizal
....updating for more photos please click here http://www.magicclickers.com/wedding/nazlin-rizal/ Venue: Shah Alam & Putrajaya Rafi's Photography / Magic Clickers (Co.No: 89245-P) Rafi, WPJA Principal Photographer H/P +6 012-677477... View this Fotopage entry
Juli Eklund
Latest entry:Happy Holidays from the Kansas Krew
Well, I've now experienced a blizzard. We've had snow since I moved to Kansas, but not a blizzard and what started on Christmas Eve was definitely a blizzard. And not a bad one at that when you compare it to weather further north. It's not that we got any great quantities of snow; it's what the wind did with the snow we got. It's hard to tell the exact accumulations since in some spots it's only three inches deep and in others it's three feet deep. The driveway has a good eight inches and since four inches ... View this Fotopage entry
Dressed for Dinner
Latest entry:Thanksgiving & Raya Haji Celebration
Thanksgiving at Jum's house :) Raya at our house :) View this Fotopage entry
ni lah rumah I...
xxx judith hough
Latest entry:what I see along the way!
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Elena Fischer
Latest entry:The train from Nyon
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The train from Nyon
dusyum dusyum
Latest entry:Ayam Beg?
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Maria Rodrigues
Latest entry:Budas
Jandim zen na Quinta dos Lóridos, Bombarral, Portugal. View this Fotopage entry
kak long
Latest entry:Pa & Ma April 2009
Dapatkanlah di pasaran sekarang! Cerita lanjut di http://orkedsaiful.blogspot.com View this Fotopage entry
penny spoonemore
Latest entry:just a couple of shots
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mark jones
Latest entry:South Island Trip Day 7 - Lake Matheson (Reflection Island)
Ok, just down the road from Fox Glacier is a lake called Lake Matheson which is famous for reflecting the mountains that surround it. Its about a 10Km hike around the lake, but coming up to sunset its nice way to relax after spending the morning and afternoon hiking on the glacier. Just a shame it was a bit cloudy :-> View this Fotopage entry
Samsuzana Aziz
Latest entry:We Have Moved
Salam.. I would like to thanks to those who came to our wedding reception. We really appreciate it. This is a photo from our photographer during the wedding. By the way, this would be my last post at fotopages. I don't have much time to take/upload pictures recently, but if I do, I'll update it at http://samcun.blogspot.com/ (sorry fotopages). So see you http://samcun.blogspot.com/(there)! View this Fotopage entry
abdullah jones
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empty swing; where's shalini ii
JP Harr
Latest entry:Generator Shaft
Inside the power generation house, this is the spinning shaft of one of the generators. It is, in a word, immense. Down below, there are a series of venetian blind-like vanes that allow water in to spin the turbine. Above the shaft are the rotor and stator, charged by DC current, picking up electrons and sending the power out of the building. The current is sent through step-up transformers, routed through a switch yard, and pushed along wires to the nation's power grid. Just one of these spinning generator... View this Fotopage entry
Rajiv Chopra
Latest entry:Halebidu
Halebidu was, it seems, one of the capitals of the Hoysala Empire of South India, some 1,000 years ago. Halebidu Temple represents some of the most fantastic temple carvings of the Hoysalas. I went there some 22 years ago, when I was doing my MBA. This was one of those weekend trips we used to make. We'd get into a hired vehicle, and move. Those were the times when the world was young and at our feet. Halebidu was fantastic. My first sight of the temple simply took my breath away. If I had a week the... View this Fotopage entry
Carving 2
Don Sieger
Latest entry:New life of sorts to an old dead tree!
I found these mushrooms growing out the side of an old dead Birch tree. View this Fotopage entry
The tree in question
Wahida Yaakub
Latest entry:K a s i h . I b u
i've walked too long in this lonely lane . i've had enough of this same old game . i'm a man of the world and they say i'm strong . but my heart is heavy and my hope is gone . all i want to know that you're there . you're gonna give me all your sweet mother love kiter sayang mak kiter Menara Kuala Lumpur, 12 April 2009. aksi yang membuatkan saya sangat tersentuh. nampak macam dia sayang sangat kat anak dia. heuww. semoga ibu dia menjadi ibu mithali dan semoga anak dia tu membesar menjadi seeko... View this Fotopage entry
pokcik, mama rock & bujal in action
Chris Bailey
Latest entry:Breakfast in America
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'Breakfast in America'
my space
Latest entry:New York, Wall Street
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Victor L M
Latest entry:Despedida y cierre
Por si quedaba alguna duda, casi 3 años después de la última entrada.... estamos cerrando xD En su momento me dio por subir bastantes cosillas que ahí seguirán a la vista de quien las encuentre. Pero últimamente hago menos fotos y, además, Fotopages hace tiempo que no está a la altura de otros sitios parecidos, por ejemplo Flickr, ( www.flickr.com/photos/vickr ) Si alguien aún lee esto, gracias a toda la gente que en algún momento ha visitado este lugar, ha comentado, o me ha enlazado desde al... View this Fotopage entry
Ayda Khamalrudin
gholdee sangalang
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a new pair for 2008
Marty Baird
Latest entry:Day on the road
1 rough water 2 sunset 3interesting clouds 4 sunrise 5 out for a walk 6 clouds View this Fotopage entry
intersting clouds
Steve Troy
Latest entry:Storms and Sunsets
A little contrast now..........some skies from South Dakota...... View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Vietnam
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WHK Pictures
Latest entry:Find it Friday
Somewhere in the northwoods is a (non-waterfall) foto opportunity, That both kids and adults can enjoy. 8-) WHK View this Fotopage entry
Elaine Louvier
Latest entry:Photo Challenge # 149...... Anger
Dolly is the gentlest dog. but when she plays she looks ferocious View this Fotopage entry
Go ahead, make my day!
Jas Tan
Latest entry:Mal and Sis' wedding pics at Brighton
We headed for Brighton beach after St Kilda beach... Love these ones! :D View this Fotopage entry
Captain Kinless
Latest entry:Who's this kick ass looking girl?
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Suzanne Yan
Latest entry:Home made Miniature Creatures
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sha ph
Latest entry:Lar
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Rudy Tyburczy
Latest entry:Heart Throbs of the 80's
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tru wielaker
Latest entry:Vacantion in Fuerteventura
I see here fantastic sunsets.. View this Fotopage entry
Sunset in Fuerteventura
Douglas Park
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Sia Gol
Latest entry:Reminiscent of dark past
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iron curtain
Dale in Canada
Latest entry:fog
http://static.flickr.com/59/225806144_c8292f6fa2_o.jpg View this Fotopage entry
young stiffy
Latest entry:pool party baby
[Music]: Aquabats - " Hot summer nights " ouiiiiiiiiii! school's fuckin out, and now i got the whole summer ahead of me, that's right, infinite chillaxation with no limitations! woo hooo :) i feel like so much has happened since my last entry, man these past few weeks have been excellent to say the least! - i didn't end up going to acton, Sexy said there's no way they would let me into the show, something about school policies or some shit like that - had a few excellent outside parties over the weeks... View this Fotopage entry
the heat......
Dark Room
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photo blog
Latest entry:Under construction
Don't Worry.. It's gonna be C@@L... Homer's on the job, Man! :annoyed: View this Fotopage entry
Latest entry:Spot the dog
Walberswick Beach. A very cold Sunday (after the night before) afternoon walk. Ran out of battery so only managed one shot of my brother-in-law's Lurcher going absolutely mental in the dunes. Any faster and I swear she might have gone back to the future! :-) View this Fotopage entry
Granden Bertrand
Latest entry:well i am gonna try and stage a comeback
Hey Yall i know its been a long time since i have posted but the recent talk i had with a certain friend named Katie, made me think to come back and say hi to you all....it has been another crazy year from quiting my job to getting major sugery done....another messed up one but at least no one has been injured this year, no accidents or whatnot so that is a relief...... I would also like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.....this year will be a little strange at c-mas time i am think... View this Fotopage entry
thats me
Charles Muecke
Latest entry:To day is the Lords Day.
Early in the morning, Jesus stood on the shore, but the disciples did not realize that it was Jesus. He called out to them, 'Friends, haven't you any fish?' 'No,' they answered. He said, 'Throw your net on the right side of the boat and you will find some.' When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish. Then the disciple whom Jesus loved said to Peter, 'It is the Lord!' As soon as Simon Peter heard him say, 'It is the Lord,' he wrapped his outer garment around him (f... View this Fotopage entry
Foto Cats
Latest entry:The Coffee Cats
http://imageshack.us() We have four cats, all from the same litter, and we named them for their color pattern: Cream, Mocha, Capuccino, and Latte. Three boys and a girl. They are very close to each other and always play and sleep together. Can you tell who is who? http://imageshack.us() They like certain movies, like Star Wars: http://go2net.fotopages.com/?entry=441997 View this Fotopage entry
Chad Fox
Latest entry:1968 Shelby Cobra on Castro Street, San Francisco
When I saw this beauty parked outside The Bar on Castro, my heart stopped. This is a very rare treat...especially one in such good condition. I won't blather on here...I'll just let the Shelby do the talking. View this Fotopage entry
Jerry Giango
Latest entry:My Siquijor vacation (part 1)
These pictures were taken during my Vacation in Siquijor, Philippines View this Fotopage entry
Sunken pier
Virginia Feekes
Latest entry:Yellow.....
:-D :-D :-D View this Fotopage entry
Michele Michele
Latest entry:Real gold / L'oro vero
Real gold is a renewable natural resource... Hi everybody, sorry for the delay... 8-) ;-) L'oro vero è una risorsa naturale rinnovabile... ciao a tutti, scusate il ritardo... 8-) ;-) View this Fotopage entry
The Fool On the Hill
Latest entry:It's a god-awful small affair.
[New and old pictures. Some from the Vancouver airport. Some from a few months ago on a trip to Victoria.] View this Fotopage entry
Jennifer Blake
This and the previous entry are good representations of what I've been interested in photographing lately ... the odd architectural detail and florals. View this Fotopage entry
A light leads to ...
george kios
Latest entry:everyday is sunday on spetses
thank you for making my greek fotopage your...favorite one..!!!
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Jude Wolpert
Latest entry:new webblog
www.judewolpert.com/v-web/b2 View this Fotopage entry
HERZOG FALECEU... HOJE, DIA 12 DE JANEIRO DE 2005, PELAS 00:00 HORAS. HERZOG DIED TODAY... Requiem For a Dream http://www-scf.usc.edu/~sislian/transfer/Lux%20Aeterna%20Requiem%20For%20A%20Dream.mp3 (Roubado de http://estrelavertiginosa.blogspot.com ) View this Fotopage entry
Aardvark PDY
Latest entry:An ending
This fotopage has been discontinued. My work can now be found at http://www.leximancer.net/. View this Fotopage entry
Don in Canada
Latest entry:Wild beast
I think of Steve everytime I see one of these. View this Fotopage entry
Orange Monkey
Latest entry:Look At Me, Pinky - You'll See What I Can Be
I continued on trying out new bodies (remember - I went away with Al, my alien friend. On his planet, they can change themselves into anything, anyone.), trying to be the perfect something for my dear http://pinkmonkey.fotopages.com(Pinky). :angel_fly: I tried out Megatron, but Al didn't think Pinky would like playing with all those parts. :-D So next I tried the thug in #2. I thought that way Pinky would never forget who's in charge. But Al said it's imperative to let girls think they're the ones... View this Fotopage entry
Keyvan Nayyeri
Latest entry:Migration
Unfortunately FotoPages.Com hasn't good speed and I'm so busy in second half of the year. So I must migrate from FotoPages to another place for these 6 months. So I won't send any entry for about 6 month here. But some of you knew that I started new account in another website.(See http://www.flickr.com/photos/keyvan( here)) So they can find me there! I'll view your FotoPages in this while and send my comments. Anyway I'll back in the future. My suggestion for FotoPages Admins is that they redesi... View this Fotopage entry
Transformer Timothy
Latest entry:Transformer Timothy Climbs a Tree
8-) 8-) 8-) :-D :-D :-D 8-) 8-) 8-) View this Fotopage entry
Now how do I get down from here?!
Juaninhacompinta ohohoh
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Want One Wan
Latest entry:[Special] - Yamaha Motor Show 2004
:arrow: YAMAHA MOTOR SHOW 2004 If you want to catch the best-all-round Yamaha bikes on show, watch out for the Yamaha MotorShow 2004 at the Berjaya Times Square, K. Lumpur from 8 ? 14 September 2004. Exotic bikes, performance & thrill bikes, stylish & adventure bikes, even toy bikes, cub of the future & many, many more. Event: Yamaha Motor Show 2004 Venue: Lower Ground, Berjaya Times Square Date: 8-14 September 2004, 10am-10pm Admission is FREE :arrow: RELATED WEBSITES - Yamaha Motor http... View this Fotopage entry
Yamaha Lagenda 110 Race Replica
David Aaron
I will not be posting on fotopages any longer because I know have my own personal site...But you can still comment about the photographs on http://www.internallux.com/ and you can post those comments here. Thanks to everyone who has commented! David http://www.internallux.com/ View this Fotopage entry
kely spoonemore
Latest entry:freedom
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Shamsul Alam
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Glitter Girl
Please visit my new blog for the latest work View this Fotopage entry
SF Har
Latest entry:A trip to the duck pond
It was a little cold and windy, but L and O had a blast. The ducks are well-fed and had little interest in the bread we had for them, so the kids gave them some CHEESE too. :-D :-D View this Fotopage entry
Delete Profile
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Matt Richardson
Latest entry:Visit www.mzatt.com
http://www.mzatt.com View this Fotopage entry
magoo magoo
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Cleopatra Ptolomy
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John Penn
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brens critopia
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